Internationalisation is essential to growth. The globalised market and the proximity provided by technological advances open up countless business opportunities, as long as the company is properly prepared.

Serviços - Internacionalização

At ECN, we have senior professionals with extensive experience in the areas of export and internationalisation of products, services and companies.
We understand internationalisation as an immersive process, which involves investment, patience and resilience, always deserving of our respect and full attention.
Based on the study of international flows of products and services, as well as financial and economic events, we aim, advise and monitor our clients' internationalisation process.
We combine company's reality with the specificities of the market to be addressed, basing our advice and actions on facts, not on fashion.

We can help on

  • Product and/or service internationalisation
  • Strategy and consultancy in the companies' internationalisation
  • Opening of markets
  • Support in export operations
  • Assessment and monitoring of international business opportunities
  • Mediation in merger operations
  • Distribution networks