Formação na empresa

Tailor-made training solutions

Multi Companies
Multi-Company training takes place at the ECN Academy facilities, taking into account a previously established plan and calendar. This modality's main advantage is to enrich the sharing of experiences between various professionals and business and market realities, paving the way for the awakening of different approaches.

​Fully Tailored
Tailor-made training comprises content adapted or built from scratch to suit the client's training needs. Training is carried out at a location and time convenient to the client. These actions are adjusted to professional requirements and company projects, and can be complemented with business coaching actions.

Designed with senior management and top management in mind, the “one-to-one” training adapts to the trainee’s availability, assigning a trainer to deliver the action individually, adapting the pace, programmatic contents, workload and training schedules. Training may take place at our facilities or at the customer's facilities.